CCCD Nature Center
Open Tuesdays 1-3 and by Appointment
Carroll County Chamber of Conservation District
Carroll County Fiscal Court

  • The Carroll County Conservation District Nature Center is tucked away in the beautiful area known as Camp Kysoc Park in Carrollton Kentucky. The park is operated by the Fiscal Court and is loved by the community. The Center is surrounded by old growth trees and unique plants and animals. In addition to the center there are numerous trails that meander through a canopy of oak, maple, hickory, ironwood, pawpaw, sassafras, walnut, redbud and beech trees among others. The trails lead to a lake stocked with blue gill aplenty. Included in the trails are a story walk trail sponsored by the Carroll County Library and a Braille Trail. Both of which lead down to the lake and loop back to the entrance. It is a favorite haunt of birdwatchers and nature lovers.
The Center opened in the spring of 2021. It offers educational opportunities for school groups and individual visitors. The building houses a variety of displays and areas that promote experiences that include an aquatics room, a room about things that fly, another area with trees, live bees (contained in an see through box) and mammals. An observatory room allows visitors to see a wealth of birds, chipmunks and squirrels gathered around feeders and a water source, as well as plants. We host large and small groups for environmental gatherings and presenters. The nature center has  a variety of bee hives, inside and outside to promote the importance of the mighty pollinators. There is a variety of gardens and attractions outside for the mighty pollinators. 
Overall the goal is to promote environmental education and thus stewardship and responsibility of our fragile earth. 
Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. Lao Tzu 

We are very grateful for the support our community has shown the Nature Center and Camp Kysoc. Every gesture of kindness has enhanced the educational opportunities present in and around the area. 
  • Carrollton, KY, USA
  • 1902 Easterday Rd. Hwy 36

Memory Garden  imageMemory Garden  imageMemory Garden  image
Our Memorial Garden is a peaceful place to remember or honor others. in addition this will be a fundraiser to support the grounds, operations and educational materials for the Nature Center. 

Plant a tree or bush and place a stake marker-$150
Plant a perennial flower and place a stake marker- $75
Place a stake marker- $50

Donation Amount

  • Carrollton, KY, USA
  • 1902 Easterday Rd. Hwy 36

Jenny and Boon


Lucy, Gerda and Jeff


Sunshine and Eva, Rest in Peace Sunshine

Tucker and Jennifer

Charlie and Rebecca

Kenzie, Dave and Kathy

Penny, Aayme and Zackary

RJ and Rick

Lucky, Tanya and Jokay

Peaches, Cathy and Joe

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Aye and Julie and Julie's Parents

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Lucy and Gerda

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Dakota, Kallen, MaKayla & Melissa

2023 Summer STEM Day Camp  image2023 Summer STEM Day Camp  image2023 Summer STEM Day Camp  image
Our Summer STEM Camp was Full of Learning and Fun!

Kysoc Stem Camp is in the books for 2023. I would like to take this opportunity to thank a huge group of individuals and groups. Brad Becraft (artist, physicist, and my rock who was there every step of the way) ; the founding team of Friends of KYSOC : Gerda Ford Wise , Ed Gex Williams Carolyn Williams Cathy Gilbert Joe Gilbert Eva Archie Ford who all showed up and were there to be at the ready for preplanning and throughout the week! My Regular Teachers: Anne Hill (fishing & gardening) , Jessica Page (art) , Holly Frye (crafts) , Kaleb Nab ( Civil Engineer), Elizabeth Mefford (master bee keeper) , Beverly Carter-Service (nurse and insect lover, who also showed up two days in a row to clean and spruce up the outside) Bailey Smith (biologist), Steven Grant Smith (biologist and photographer) , Ashley Hughes (Carroll County Public Library) Elizabeth Mullins (Carroll County Public Library): Guest Teachers: Jon Carter Becraft, (actor musician) my Jacob Becraft (zoologist biologist), David Bramer (chemical engineer), Cheri Mann (teacher and geocacher), Jennifer Hastings Beach (Kenton County Library and certified Environmental Educator). Others who were invaluable: Jodi Kemper (nurse), Becky Ginn Jackson (food service), Tommie Barnes (assistant), Scott Nab , Joan Ferrell , Alma Thomas Jeff Wise.. Counselors: Jordan Cara Becraft ; Kaidyn Hatton ; Lilly Frye; Dylan Service, Addy Campbell; Abby Parmenter, Trey Stucker; Cecilia Baute, Antonio Perry; Junior counselors: Marek Noble, Gavin Service. Sponsors: Groups: The Carroll County Conservation District, Carroll County 4-H, The Carroll County Fiscal Court; Carroll County Public Library, Kenton County Public Library, ; Mark Smith-State Farm, Carroll County School District Food Service Program, Cabot Corporation; LG&E KY Utilities, Meffco Properties, Marshall Ford, Marshall Chevrolet; Gene's Garage, Stones Mechanical, Mike Harmon Sportswear, Lesa Rabourn Barr , Becky Jackson, Elizabeth Mefford, Joyce Doyle , Pat Stewart. Also, these people helped create some skilled kayakers by loaning their kayaks or canoes: Holly Frye, Evan McMahan Angie McMahan , Patrick Underwood , Clara Tuttle , Beverly Service.
The last day was bitter sweet, the campers helped to clean up the place, some did even without asking! 💚

Each day offered 7 regular rotating stations: Art, Photography, Crafts, Friendly fishing, kayaking, water games, scavenger hunts and Nature Center. In addition we had guest teachers from all over the state with these stations: Food for Bears, Creek assessment; Light and Compass, Acting and Geocaching.
The whole of KYSOC was covered with campers learning and having a blast at a variety of stations. They were given the opportunity to engage in a multitude of activities that utilized the natural environment.
Stations were led by experienced educators and professionals. Included in these were biologists, nurses, bee keepers, photographers and former educators, .

Grant imageGrant imageGrant image
We received a grant to support keeping the trails at Kysoc clean. This will allow us to clean up and post friendly signs to remind others to do their part as well.  Thanks Clean Trails !

Grant imageGrant imageGrant image
The Pollinator Project allowed us to start our pollinator gardens all around the Nature Center.

grant imagegrant image
We were the recipient of a Whole Foods Grant that allowed us to get a hydroponic tower and plants.